I decided to switch my main operating system recently. I switched to Linux Mint from Windows 10. I want to show my support and appreciation for open source software and free software (free as in freedom, not free beer). Microsoft is slowly embracing the open source world. However, they have a couple of cash cows that make a lot of money, which probably won’t become open source soon.

I have a subscription to Microsoft Office and some other software that run only in a Windows environment. How can I run those programs in Linux Mint without much of a hassle? Some of you may be familiar with wine or PlayOnLinux. And if you are you know setting up certain Windows programs in those applications is a huge nightmare! If you’re not, please take my word and avoid going down that rabbit hole.

My other alternative is running Windows 10 within a Virtual Machine on Linux. There are several choices for Linux when it comes to running virtual machines. Two of the most popular choices are VMWare and VirtualBox. I went with VMWare, because I purchased a license to VMWare Workstation quite some time ago. It would be a waste not to use it.

I noticed most of the menu missing from VMWare after the initial installation. Here’s a sample screenshot (the screenshot was downloaded from the Linux Mint forum as I had already fixed my issue before writing this article):


This issue is simple to fix. As root user you want to edit the /etc/vmware/bootstrap file. Add the following line at the end of the file:


It’s that simple. Here’s what my VMWare Menu bar looks like after the fix (this is an actual screenshot from my PC):

Screenshot from 2017-09-27 12-50-54

I hope you find this article helpful. Please leave a comment if you did.